Consulting Services


At Expert Biosystems we offer expert bioinformatics, and biostatistics consulting services; this is to support both the discovery and development of biomarkers, as well as to enable an in-depth understanding of the biological aspects.

Our bioinformatics and biostatistics team will partner with you at every step of your study, guiding you with our expertise and knowledge and offering custom, efficient, innovative solutions.

Through a close collaboration, our team we will help you plan your study, manage the data as it is generated, normalize the raw data for proper interpretation, analyze it for maximum value and interpret the results for further hypothesis testing.

We offer a model of complete transparency from start to finish with all methodologies, programs and analytical techniques available to our customers for result verification.

Our Approach


At EBS we recognize that every study is unique with its own nuances and challenges. Our expert team will collaborate with you at every stage of the study to provide a consultancy service which is:


From initial study design and planning all the way through to the interpretation of your results, we will assist with all or any individual component of your study.


Our approach is to apply customized protocols specifically suited to your study and we will work in partnership with you to adapt your project design, if required, as data becomes available.


We will ensure you understand both the methodologies we use and results we deliver. We offer complete transparency throughout your study with all methodologies, programs and analytical methods clearly explained and available to you for review.

Focused on Quality

We pride ourselves on quality of our product and work under standard operating procedures. All analytical methods we use are extensively tested and verified. All results are jointly reviewed and supplied to you with complete information to enable independent confirmation.

People and Experience

Our Science & Technology board members are experienced PhD level bioinformatics and biostatistics experts, educated in a wide range of disciplines, including computer science, biology, medicine, mathematics and biostatistics.

Our team has extensive experience in designing studies and analyzing complex data sets in pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic development settings. In addition to expertise in bioinformatics and biostatistics we have substantial knowledge and experience in molecular and cell biology, drug discovery and development and diagnostic product development.

To find out more about our bioinformatics and biostatistics consultancy, contact us today.