Research and Development

At Expert BioSystems we will partner with you from the initial design study right through to delivery of final analysis package, guiding you with our expertise and knowledge. We offer a wide range of customizable bioinformatics and biostatistics solutions to fulfill your research and development requirements, including:

Biomarker Discovery and Development

We offer all steps from initial study design, the generation of high quality data, to the objective evaluation and selection of the most reliable biomarkers. This includes design and execution of platform migration, assay development, validation and regulation.

Exploratory Analysis solutions

We have the capability to discover and understand hidden trends in your data, illuminating its relationship to the underlying biological, clinical or technical influences.

Functional Analysis
Through the use of proprietary and public databases we can identify and characterize the complex biological information hidden in your data. This is achieved through the application of a series of advanced techniques from functional enrichment analysis to the investigation of pathways and gene networks.

Traditional and Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

We are able to provide such services as raw sequence processing, homology searches, identification of important sequence features

and microarray probe set annotation.


Our solutions focus on the design of all aspects of biomarker discovery and validation studies. We offer full bio-statistical support for clinical trials involving biomarkers and preparation of relevant regulatory submissions. We also offer association and linkage analysis of genetic data.

Data Integration
We are able to combine multiple data sets and data types at both the statistical and functional level to support biomarker discovery as well as mechanistic functional analysis.