Knowledge-based Bioinformatics Optimization Research and Consultation Group


 In the past decade rapid advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies have generated a massive amount of biology-related data. Today, utilizing these technologies, a typical research program could generate from tens of terabytes to petabytes of data from a single study. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the scientific approach for bioinformatics data analysis, and has created a growing demand throughout the biomedical sciences for a greater understanding of knowledge-based systems and their application to high dimensional data. Analysis of this level of data requires a move from single goal optimization to multiple objective optimization, and smart (knowledge-based) experimental design.

 To maximize the value of this modern type of data reservoir requires innovative bioinformatics solutions resulting from a close collaboration between computer scientists/bioinformatics specialists, cell biologists/genomics scientists, and medical professionals.

Expert BioSystems (EBS) consulting services provide expertise and support for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostics companies looking to outsource their informatics needs. EBS also serves as the “bioinformatics department" for smaller biotech companies and academic researchers who are unable to commit the resources to building their own team.

We offer a wide range of customizable bioinformatics and biostatistics services to help with biomarker discovery and development, exploratory and functional analysis, traditional and next-generation sequencing data analysis, analysis of microarray data, biostatistics, and data integration.

EBS science & technology board members provide services in several disciplines including bioinformatics, mathematics, biostatistics, biology, medicine, molecular and cell biology, and diagnostic product development.

We offer customized informatics solutions and training, as well as assistance with smart experiment design, to meet all the needs of today’s cutting edge research organizations.

EBS science & technology team members have experience in analyzing complex datasets, with "optimized" data-analysis methods and tools, encouraging clients to patronize our service rather than invest the time and money through the steep learning curve required to establish a first rate in-house informatics infrastructure and personnel.

For most experiments in this area, we can recognize three main phases that are relevant to experimental design.


  • Choice of experimental material and platform technology
  • Assignment of experimental reagents to components of the technology
  • Actual conduct of the experiment, including times, places and conditions of experiment, and protocols, reagents, operators and equipment used